Love has that moment where everything feels so good that no one can ruin your day. Not even the alarm clock in the morning or a warm beer, that gray bureucrat of always or the damn uncertainty of everything,

It feels so good that you wish to hug that suited up executive, all bitter and packed up in the subway, and say to him, “i´ts okay man, everything’s gonna be alright. I’ts a matter of time”.

The songs of MonoAzul speak escentially about love. And it feels exactly like that gold and shiny moment of love. Because their melodies are drops of lisergic acid, pulling you off that hole and putting a damn smile, wherever your are. Catchy tunes, simple-hearted lyrics and a teenage optimism.

“Regalo”, their first EP is composed by four songs as four slaps to wake up and leave. Anywhere.

Or as “Vacaciones” says: “Te hice un pan con mermelada / Te hice un jugo de manzana / Vamos a subir los cerros, que el día está bueno / Vamos a subir, estando juntos nada puede estar mal”.

Well, that.

Just music that hugs you and say; “i´ts okay, everything’s gonna be alright. I’ts just a matter of time”.


By: Sergio Negrier