Been caught on the ethereal loop of Niñosindigo over and over and over and over and over again has to be a paradise.

Meet the personal project of Valeria Hernández, a visual artist from Concepción, and the woman responsible for many video clips and visuals from bands like Davida Loca or Niñosindigo itself, and indie art projects like Taller Monstruo.

Her latest album, “Selva” finds the trance in the strings. An interesting approach to acoustic tunes backed by voices coming from the wind. All with the wild concept of “Fruta”, sounds from remote places and remote tunes.

In its own abstraction, Niñosindigo stands as an escape door to the harsh streets, bright lights and irritating sounds of the city. A far away place, made by atmospheric folk, experimental samples and lo fi sensations.

We have nothing but a high fidelity to one of the most interesting projects of Concepción.


By: Francisco Cifuentes.