OJOROJO born in the summer of 2010 in El Belloto, V region. Mix different influences of its members from a base rock’n roll tinged with elements of experimentation and 60’s / 70’s psychedelia. It has a characteristic sound of two voices which added instruments, with emphasis on composition, arrangement and melodic work. They released their first album “Serpo” (2011) to become known in the music scene of Valparaiso. In the promotion disk participate as guest band “Estacional” edited by Acople Records and Ruido Interior. After this experience OJOROJO join to the Acople Records stably team, which recorded and released their second album “Montezuma” (2013). This second album was recorded in direct, to capture the true energy of the band. Montezuma placed them inside the local level as a band projection where different specialized media put their eyes and ears in the band. This led them to participate in events such as Temporales Musicales, Woodstaco, Pulsar and Ciclo Toma Directa of Radio Valentín Letelier.
Miguel Florido (guitar and vocals)
Rodrigo Gonzalez (keyboards, bass and vocals)
Juan Prado (drums)
Record Label:
Acople Records