Patio Solar


Patio Solar comes to vindicate the chilean indie pop scene, With harmonic melodies and soft guitars, they make colorful explosions trough his music in a natural and unconsciously way. Like a rollercoaster, making it through ups and downs.

Born in the south side of the city, in La Florida, Patio Solar are Claudio Gajardo, Yaney Slagado, Camilo Jiménez, Javier Poduje and Franco Perucca. Young people who knows exactly how to transmit emotions with his chords, lyrics, beats and vibrations. Making this band a fresh communion between pop and the most experimental indie sounds.

Their work begins with the EP Driminsun released in 2013. In 2015 they go back to ratify his signature wok with Temporada, an album that was very well received and applauded by his fans. Los Movimientos is the name of his last title, released on February 2016.  This last album shows them as a more consolidated band with a more experienced sound. With enough time to instrumentality, good managing of time, and clearly, never losing the Patio Solar essence.

By: Pablo Pérez.