Platillo Volador

[This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill. I repeat, stop whatever the hell you were doing and evacuate your homes immediately].

 [This is an emergency].

[Different sightings have been reported from all over the country].

[I repeat. This is an emergency]

Flying saucers have arisen from Valparaiso, invading our soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp and media. The message? A record of nine songs remembering forever these events:

En el cielo a las 20:00.

It’s Platillo Volador, my dear terrestrial friends and they are coming to get you.

Making Lo Orozco, album EP debut in 2014 and releasing new album in 2016 (“En el cielo a las 20:00”), Platillo Volador is getting their first recognition as one of the bands with projection in the country.

But who cares about that? Music so off of this planet that expectations and recognitions simply doesn’t matter. It’s too terrestrial, man.

And that’s why we love this kind sighting, in the middle of nowhere, with the darkest night upon you and the bright light of Platillo Volador leaving you blind and unconscious for three days. What happened in between? You’ll never know.

Psychedelic ensemble, noisey aggrupation, lysergic tripulation, called them whatever you want, but don’t ever stop listening this north inspired songs, galactic lyrics and saturnian guitars.

So open your mind to the Crystal City of Irenko and the golden passages of the Annunakis, the psychedelic rock of Platillo Volador is like an alien probe, ready to be inserted in… well you get the picture.

The weird beings piloting Platillo Volador are:

Felipe Valdebenito: Drums / Voices / Samples / Drum Machine

Nicolás Gajardo: Guitar / Voices / Diverse Sound Elements

Eugenio Miranda: Trombone / Samples / Choirs

Rodrigo Medel: Bass / Choirs


By: Francisco Cifuentes Rivera