Portavoz, Andi Ferrer Millanao, or the most stinging voice of Salvaje Decibel, has became one of the most important icons of national rap of all time; whom at 12 years old, was already shyly writting his first verses and producing his first beats. Today us about to concrete almost two decades bound to music. Which he relates directly to concienticize and educate society about this country we are all inmerse.

The conchaline has dedicated his music career to take down the spirals of silence, that we as society, keep in nothing. Surrounded by 90’s beats, jazzy samples such as Roy Ayers, The Modern Jazz Quartet or Melba Moore, summed to his scathing flow, getting recognyzable more and more in the international escene of Latin America, inspiring many emerging rappers, looking to continue his musical legacy.

Today, ad portas of the release of his next album, “Witrapaiñ” , his proposal goes in rescuing the legacy of Mapuche communities, ancestral authorities and native political prisoners. All becaming his principal chant of war and flag of combat.

That Andi, from the people, is still wielding his mic.

Portavoz  is ready to keep shooting.


By: Álvaro Salinas