Ram y los Mixes



The time has come for us to write about Ram y Los Mixes.  Ram y Los Mixes? Yeah, Ram y Los Mixes… what about them? Well who is Ram and who are the Mixes? Look, Ram is the founder and the Mixes, the wonderful orchestra playing the wonderful tunes in their wonderful songs. You could have started from there, then. Ok, shut up, it’s not your article, let me do my thing.

Ram y Los Mixes was born in 2008, when Ramires (indie garage rock band from the decade) was ending and the soul of the Mixes was just beginning. With powerful brass, catchy melodies backed up by a solid group of chorist and an ensamble capable of playing any tune in soul code. An orchestra so well composed with a sound as natural as cool.

Their latest album, Tarde, día y noche has been released on all of their networks, an eight track with long duration songs, each of them with unique style. Some blues, some soul, some two tones, some swing and everything you looked for in a modern dance orchestra.

The invitation is simple, get off your seat and start dancing. This is music for partying, and I mean party, like a classy party. Parties where you cand find some shady Chilean James Bond or the next Divino Anticristo.

So prepare your ears for that smooth guitars, the vertiginous brasses and your best dance moves, Ram y Los Mixes are in the house… a band with so much soul that could raise the dead and making them dance.

Ram y los Mixes Are:

Chorus: Micaela Skoknic – Carolina Santana – Marcela Velásquez

Guitars: Robert Canales – Alfonso Arevalo – Keiran Lond

Brasses: Moisés Orellana – Rodrigo Castro – Benjamín Superby

Percussions: Francisco Tacussis

Bass: Andrés Moscoso

Piano: Felipe Villaseca

Drums: Gustavo Crisostomo

Vocals: Álvaro Ramírez

Bandcamp | Fanpage