Hard beats, raw lyrics and clear convictions make Salvaje Decibel one of the most notorious hip hop groups in the scene.

Who would know that a group of working class guys from the most traditional and humbles places from Santiago would get together and become one of the most radical voices of their generation.

With well-armed rhymes that jump rapidly from social injustice themes to introspective reflections, Salvaje Decibel is now a synonymous of organized struggles and third world pride.

Salvaje Decibel are Ezer, Revilo, Flu, Portavoz and Dj Cidtronick, five guys and five pair of fists that are always raised on every gig. “Poblacional” (2007) and “Radical” (2013) are the two long durations albums that holds the group´s message.

If you want to take a look at the Chile that doesn´t appear on your local news or your social network feed, you are more than welcome to check Salvaje Decibel´s page. A Chilean reality judged by the eyes of the underdogs. Underdogs with dangerous lyrics like sharp fangs.

And as Zack De la Rocha would say, let the riot be the voice of the unheard.


By: Francisco Cifuentes.