Siempre llueve al atardecer

The songs of “Siempre llueve al atardecer” are like a forest: you do not know where it start, where it end or where you are at that moment. Its instruments create an atmosphere in which it is difficult to concentrate on something specific, and you can only enjoy it as a whole. A place as abstract as special. You get carried away by your changes of rhythm, by those voices that appear and disappear in the thick of the melodies, by those loud guitars that sometimes find calm, but immediately they break it again, by those bursts of battery that wrap your ears, that vertigo that grabs you from the inside and pushes you into the unknown.

The first thing you feel when listening the first EP, with the same name as the band, is the 17:44 minutes are made short. Their first three songs accelerate you, make you run through that forest in search of a place to stay, without letting you stop. And then comes the fourth theme, “Siempre llueve al atardecer”, and then you just stop there. Because it feels too good.

That forest that was unknown, transforms into familiar and becomes the one you want to continue living.

Siempre Llueve al Atardecer Are:

Germán Muñoz: Guitars and Voices

Nicolás Valdés: Bass, Guitars

Raúl Guzmán: Drums, Guitars

Claudio: synthesizer