Emotions are idealized so many times by cinema and music that is so difficult to find them in a earthly and pure state. In love with simple desires, in hard worked relationships that always end up failling,  sentences without excessive adornments,  unpretentious stories that don´t need happy endings or sequels.

Maybe that’s why it’s easy to connect with Silabario. Because they’ve been making songs with such everyday emotions and in familiar scenes, that they end up getting into them. And it feels good to be there.

It’s not difficult to see yourself in the illusion of Los Planetas: “This is our time / Escape from Hell / Let’s go only to buy lunch / I’ll take you wherever you want”, or in Portugal “And when you can not more / We will rest on an endless vacation / hugging the sea “, it’s not difficult neither to feel all the pain and honesty in Las Luces “I feel heart broken in two / I feel to see home alone part one and part two / I also want to lose myself In New York / I’m so drunk / The lights hurt me / And I’m not going to forgive you “.

Walter, Francisca, Francisco, Nico and Raúl, the members of Silabario, discovered how to grab these emotions with a pop rock with sweet, slow and evocative melodies, achieving a balance that makes us want to relive them again and again.

They have discovered the beauty of the regular life. They made the coal attractive without turning it into a diamond.


By: Sergio Negrier.