Spiral Vortex


Music is a drug capable of transforming moods, activate senses and take you into a trip to the most inhospitable memories of our mind. Spiral Vortex, psychedelic rock band from Santiago, is ready to start the engines and make a straight race with no speed limits.

A sound with so much passion, that shows through their lyrics and chords the great and special bond they have with Chile.

In the last five years, Spiral Vortex has released independently one EP (Spiral Vortex, 2010) and two LP, “Maia” (2012) recorded in BYM Registros and “Cimatica” (2014), produced and mixed by Chris Hanzek on Seattle.

So be careful with this kind of drugs, the kind of danger, emotions and distortion of reality capable of rock your world with chill tunes and cool guitars.

And remember kids, don´t get high too much, or you will fall directly into the Spiral Vortex.

Spiral Vortex are:

Sebastian Aylwin – Vocals and Guitar • Maximiliano Aylwin – Vocals and Bass • Ljubo Franulic – Drums and Percussions

Ismael Miranda – Guitar and Synths • Andreas Valdes – Synths and Midi Controls


By: Pablo Pérez.