Surfin Caramba


Leather jacket? Check. Shiny Doc Martens? Check. Personal Suavecito Pomade? Also check.  Dance moves ready to blow our head? Damn right is check.

Now you are ready to enjoy the rock & roll of Surfin Caramba and they very own definition of what cool is.

So let spin that double bass and start dancing to the shameless swing of these Santiago rockers.

The very start of Surfin Caramba takes place in 2001, when no one in this city knew with certainty what the hell psychobilly was. But as many musicians and rebels without a cause, they just didn´t care.  Fast guitars, frenetic drums and consistent double bass made the basis of the band. All spiced up by cursed lyrics. Mysterious nights, abandoned cemeteries, desert borders, lost loves, recreational drugs and bad hangovers. You can find vast themes in Surfin Caramba’s music.

And they are far from slowin’ down the compass, after Latin American and European tours, they are currently rocking the best of their discography, composed by “Surfin Caramba” (2008), “Navegando la Tormenta” (2011) and “Mi Camino” (2014).

We are more than glad to keep hearing from Surfin Caramba, because every time these guys are rocking out, the Devil is preparing his best dance moves.

Surfin Caramba are:

Julio (Voice and Guitar)
Pollito (Drums)
Lemus (Double bass and voices)

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By Francisco Cifuentes Rivera