Pop with day-today anecdotes, pop without complications, pop with two guitars and a Chilean bombo. Perhaps only in a place like Valparaíso, land of cloudy landscapes, street culture and bohemia, the pop of Técnicas Manuales could come up to life.

Hanging out with friends, grabbing the instruments and starting to sing. Sometimes only that is what it takes to show the world what are you doing. Daily stories in a daily way, simple, real and without preambles.

His two guitar and bombo, allows this trio a permanent versatility to play, bars, coffee shops, breweries, the corners of Plaza Sotomayor, etc.

Being a great plus the homelike sessions of “Vamos a la casa del J”, where other bands and friends are invited to play in Jota Amparo`s house (Guitar and voice). A fine example of self- organization, porteña style.

Técnicas Manuales are:

Jota Ampuero / Guitar and voice • Ingmar Schröder / Guitar and voice • Pablo Saavedra/ Bombo


By: Pablo Pérez.