Tenemos Explosivos


Post –break up, post-routine, post-drama, post-moving in, post- moving out, whatever. The post-hardcore of Tenemos Explosivos is nothing but the movement between your perfect moments. But who are we to start putting labels and pre fixing everything, right?

With two long duration albums (Derrumbe y Celebración, 2012, La Virgen de los Mataderos, 2015), one EP (Intervención Énergica en los Asuntos de la Nación, 2010) and one split (Andes/Himalayas, 2012), Tenemos Explosivos has been paving their way through with a very prolific and consistent career.

A career founded on the belief of fast guitars and thunderous drums, followed by raging vocals and an outstanding bass.

You are more than welcome to set the clock and let Tenemos Explosivos blow your head off with authentic melodies and honest riffs

There is one thing we surely love on Chileans Underground, and is the kind of music so real that hurts.

Tenemos Explosivos are:

Eduardo Pavez —Vocals, keyboards, trumpet, theremin and samplers.

Juan José Sánchez —Guitar and vocals.

René Manuel Sánchez – Guitar and vocals.

Álvaro Urrea – Bass.

Matías Acuña – Drums.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes.