The Dagger Complex

There are places and sounds that are waiting for us. The routine of the cities pretend to generate a monotonous system that takes you and drags you. Something like a sea of noise, saturating our ears with unrecognizable sounds and many times, called silence.

However, there is a bottle floating in this ocean, waiting to be found by those who are able to stop, watch and breathe.

Then…you know what is established, you know what will happen and you know the “rules” of your routine.

Maybe now is time to open that bottle and wonder with something new that has benn always waiting for you.

Like a debborian invitation, The Dagger Complex comes to change your atmosphere, the way you look and hear your day. That’s right, just like your earplugs and a mid afternoon coffee are the perfect companion to start listening the path that TDC has for you.

The march begins with Vibrant (also, the tittle to their EP), song that leaves more than a minute to a soft introduction and opens the door to your ears into the inside of these 6 songs that conforms this beautiful EP  of 21:31 duration.

TDC borns as such in march 2013, with Hernán Díaz, Abraham Vicencio Ignacio Álvarez, Gonzalo Chandía and Michaela Boman. Editing in 2014, their first EP “Vibrant” under the label Beast Discos and physical editions thanks to Converse #TheGoodRoadie. In August, 2015, they share stage at Blondie alongside Warpaint.

The invitation is simple: turn on your stereo, connect your earphones and change your atmosphere.

By: Pablo Pérez.