Tomas Perez


BUM, PAM, BUM!!! Onomatopoeias are the perfect kind of words you can use to describe what Tomas Perez does. A little bit of Buckethead over here, a little bit of Mr. Bungle over there. You can find many references in TomasĀ“s instrumental music, but the final result will always be one of a kind. A true original work made by a busy and restless mind.

With three bands on his record (Cachoecabra, Octagon and Lerdo), being the opening show to Faith No More in 2009 with Lerdo and working between Santiago and Los Angeles; Tomas Perez adds to his career his solo debut Lavado de Cerebro in 2013. An album fueled by intricate structures, heavy riffs, drilling guitar solos and acoustic gems like Mecedora. Tomas Perez has never been afraid of making music beyond limits.

His first album has obtained very good reviews and has even been sold in Amoeba Studios in California.

What can we expect from Tomas Perez in the future? Insanity? Explosions? More onomatopoeias? Nobody knows, but surely is not gonna be boring.


By: Francisco Cifuentes.