Neon lights, palm trees, wild nights and a never ending summer. The beaches and sunsets of Iquique are the perfect landscapes for Tomasa del Real´s neoperreo.

With provocative lyrics and hypnotic sounds, the northern reggaetonera wants you to move your hips, light the blunts up and show off the bling bling.

So pimp out and get nasty, there is no room for modesty and good manners here. The party is just rising up and the piscolas are getting down.

An open invitation to enjoy the tropical pleasures. Tu Señora or Prendelo reflects the direct influences of latino underground pop and the most bold reaggeton. Because Tomasa del Real is not here to talk you about swag, either you learn to bellakear and frontear in español or go back to your tourist package in the middle of the desert.

Pure latino identity and a fierce maleanteo, Tomasa del Real is becoming the main female singer in the scene. Getting more recognition across the frontiers, you are cordially invited to explore the north reggaeton scene. And my friends never forget that for Tomasa, the night is far from over.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes.