If you are gonna make something original, make it from the heart.

Simple as that.

And Tortuganónima has become the living proof of that. Making exquisite music very well done, approaching to the progressive rock, being all that virtuous on instrumentation, without being obnoxious about it.

That’s why we love every album these guys release. Every song is so well executed, but at the same time, so original in every chord.

Almost cinematic, they have built this unstoppable road bike, going smoothly through the pacific coastline with the sun in your forehead, inviting us to a nostalgic trip and encountered feelings.

Because it’s not only some random virtuosity, their music is that and more. Sensations and emotions clashing between compasses and rhythms.

And a proposal like this… is worth the shot hearing.

Lets put some ear to this blasting tunes and nostalgic melodies, because Tortuganónima  is the perfect band to move straight forward.

Tortuganónima are

 Gabriel: Guitar • Gérard: Guitar • Felipe: Bass •Octavio: Drums

Facebook • Bandcamp

By: Francisco Cifuentes.