Uaral, the most horrible way of representing beauty.

How can anyone be so deeply immerse at the dark bottom of the existence and still find some light on an abyss?

Uaral comes to shine a tenuous light upon the darkest places of your soul. Music very well-crafted, emotionally charged and surrounded by the mystery of the most singular band from the south central of Chile.

A sensitive approach to the Chilean country field, Uaral puts together brilliantly the folkloric classic guitar with the guttural voices of doom/black metal.

Because the south central of Chile is not only vivid celebrations and cuecas… it can be a cold, stark, and beautifully haunted place.

With no more than two members, Aciago, (composer, multi- instrumentalist) and Caudal (voices), Uaral seeks to express their melancholy and futile existence through poetic lyrics, soothing acoustic melodies and raw laments of sorrow.

A band with two long duration albums, Sounds of Pain (2005), Lamentos a Poema Muerto (2007). Uaral´s members don´t waste their resources and time seeking trivial desires. Aciago and Caudal are not looking for fame, neither playing on big venues, nor or less signing albums and t shirts, selling their music out.

A reticent band, that finds comfort in nature, the Andes, the rain, the isolation from mankind and introspective resolutions.

You won´t find them playing in your local bar… you won´t be listening any new album pronto unless they want to… and they are not playable on some Spotify list.

Let me introduce you to Aciago and Caudal. Let me introduce you a new version of you, a shivering, naked and alone you, comfortably living in the bright threnody of Uaral.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes.