Is there anything more that we can talk about Valesuchi?

Are you moving your head back and fort?  Is your heart accelerating it’s rythm in every second? Are your feet moving by their own? Can you recognize the ever changing beats of one of our proudest electronic musicians, Valesuchi?

Is the andwer is always affirmative then you are slowly turning into a electric monster ghoul. For that, a i thank you Valesuchi, for mixing beats and samples in the middle of the night, for hypnotizing me and my friends in some dark cave i some dubious state.

And for you, my friends, who are still in the unknown, not knowing of whom i’am talking about, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

The rythm is only going up and up, as her career and presentations, performing with an steady quality, like every track she plays.

So press play on that set and let loose. The best about Valesuchi is that when youn think he is in her best, well, is just gettin’ started.

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By: Francisco Cifuente.