There are few bands that grow old at the same time you do. Bands capable to share the same stories, friends, deceptions, parties and hangovers with you. Never realizing how much time has passed. And Valium gets that kind of distinction.

Ten years of a hardcorish journey, filled with intense tracks and vivid experiences. Almost like a road trip with your friends, playing the music you like and working your ass off.

A decennial that is celebrated with consistent touring, hitting the new and old tracks, and embracing all the love that hundreds or thousands young skaters and rebel yellers, are giving.

And let’s face it, it´s quite a career what Valium has orchestrated. Having shared stage with sport legends like Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, among others, kicking asses next to NOFX in 2015 in Teatro La Cúpula, and closing a round year, playing in the Rock Out Fest with bands like Dead Kennedys, Messhugah and All Tomorrows.

Isn’t lovely when a friend you met in your adolescent years is accomplishing their goals by their own struggle? Maybe we are getting a little too nostalgic, but that´s the beauty of Valium, growing old, but never growing bored.

Valium is:

Francisco Fernández on Vocals and Bass

Erwin Werb on Drums and choirs.

Noel Frez on Guitar and choirs.


By: Francisco Cifuentes.