Vaso de Leche


Vaso de Leche is a Santiago´s garage band rock. They has been cultivating his noise style more than 10 years ago. The band is currently made up by Carolina Ozaus on guitar and vocals, Tania Corvalán on bass and vocals, supported by a “drum machine” and musical collaborations.

His first study material called “Primero” was released in 2005, after this, and after going through many lineup changes, the band enters in studio again in 2013 to record their second namesake material, which launched in october of that same year.

The musical proposal of the band is a “noisy musical path”, in which saturated with intense rhythmic nuances that mix sounds cross the explosive atmosphere generated by a synth with torn guitars and a sweet and not be placed flute, melodies end up finding a form, thanks to the power of the rhythmic “Drum Machine”.

Since 2005 the band is one of the organizers of the notorious musical Festival “FEMFEST”, the first music festival dedicated to women artists in Chile. In the middle of 2016 they prepare to launch its first video.