Could it be the lizard face you get at 3 a.m. with tree terremotos on track? Or the wild spirit displayed in every gig in every of their song? I don’t know and I don’t care. The only thing important when Ywana plays, is to keep moving and dancing to the gracious and upbeat sounds of the Carnaval Mestizo. Coming directly from the streets of Gran Avenida, and owning every space available to spread their message with the best tools they can use, fast ska, chilombian/villera cumbia and the best pasitos de baile. And is with Carnaval Mestizo 1, their last album, that they rise the big flag of the Chilean weveo. Our own third world representation of the things we love to celebrate. Formed by Alvaro Ywana on vocals, Cris Acevedo on guitar, Felipe Montes on bass and choirs, Alejandro Espinoza on percussion, Axel Jabaquinto playing accordion, Luis Vásquez on trombone, Javier Ramos with the tenor sax and Millelche Sandoval on the alto sax. You are more than welcome to not only listen Ywana’s music, but also to dance with it, scream with it and bring noise to the streets with it. When the night begins, the reptilian carnival of Ywana comes to life.


By: Francisco Cifuentes.