Natural evolution. That’s the perfect concept to describe Zoológica and their last recorded work, La Hierba Roja. A fine example of how a band with a very  defined sound,  takes a leap away from their initial influences, and proceeds to create their own and attractive sound.

A more mature approach to a more mature math rock. La Hierba Roja comes as one of the best surprises of the year. And yet, the seal of quality and dynamism in every track of the record remains the same over the years.

Guitars dialoging between each other’s, restless drums, thunderous bass and eclectic voices are displayed in each of the four songs of the album.  Leaving always a sensation of wanting more from these caged animals.

So, feel free to play Zoológica’s new gem and enjoy the shit out of their tunes.

Zoológica are:

Rodrigo Abarca on Vocals and Bass.

Matías Ponce on Guitar.

Andreas Schiefelbein on Vocals and Guitar.

Luiz Zuñiga on Drums.

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By  Francisco Cifuentes